Currently, the NFT market is one of the craziest markets ever. The PENG collective is about to instrumentalize this hype. While money is able to travel everywhere — most people can‘t. For hundreds of thousands of refugees at the european borders, fleeing from war and humanitarian crisis, this means to live in camps like Moria. Here’s a way out: Golden Visa. A Golden Visa is a citizenship by investment. Those who can afford it can acquire residency in an EU member state just by investing a substantial amount of money in this country — e.g. by buying property there.

If you buy a GoldenNFT, you support people who fled from war zones and humanitarian crisis, families who now have to live in camps. With your investment, you basically restore their human rights. And, by reselling the pieces, you make profit like you never did before. Accompanying to the NFT sale, there will be an exhibition of all art works in cooperation with the international art museum Ludwig Forum Aachen, Germany. The exhibition starts on 9th October 2021. There, visitors will be able to scan giant QR codes that lead to the works you contributed.

If you want to find out more about the project please visit

On the 20th of October at 8pm (CET), The #GoldenNFT Project will be offering a collection of 5555 NFTs for individual sale.

Please visit for more info!

Bewegungsfreiheit ist ein kapitalistisches Recht. — Alle Rechte vorbehalten Marie Gentes



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