TheHaus on Chain — The NFT Collection

Berlin, a run down office building in the former west, meant to be demolished, and then art took over the place: TheHaus — the biggest temporary urban art gallery. The freshest art from the streets of Berlin, bursting out of the heart of the city for eight weeks. 5 floors, 10.000 square meters, 165 artists, 108 surfaces. TheHaus was created to be destroyed, and is now back on chain — forever.

“TheHaus on Chain” offers a metaverse experience, combining Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technology that will eventually allow users to purchase digital rooms as NFTs and fully interact in that space via phone or tablet. Alternatively, power up your VR headset for the full experience.

Please visit for more detailed info!

© Mario Mankey TheHaus



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BLNFT is getting ready to release a selection of exclusive, Berlin-based, high-profile NFTs in close partnership with local heroes