AkteOne & Cren succeed in transforming the rawness of graffiti and it´s styles and techniques into interieur-like surroundings. In Room #302, the visitor is confronted with a concentrated visual chaos — held together by two colourful tableaus citing the yin and yang symbol.

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Julius Lehniger’s L1 lamp is constructed on the basis of its design principle, a cube with an edge length of 40 cm, which Lehniger uses as a virtual field for his precise spatial drawings. Each piece has its own design, each shape is unique and is only produced once. The…

Be ready, “GO! NFT” the world’s 1st urban NFT lab is coming!

Ready to start your rare digital art collection? We teamed up with the “GO” collective and translated a large part of the works exhibited as NFTs. These will be offered in very limited numbers, starting this November.

Berlin, a run down office building in the former west, meant to be demolished, and then art took over the place: TheHaus — the biggest temporary urban art gallery. The freshest art from the streets of Berlin, bursting out of the heart of the city for eight weeks. 5 floors…

NFT´s give new meaning to digital art and were originally created to give control back to the artists by asserting digital ownership. For any creative, stepping into the NFT space adds another possibility and format to create and share. It also offers their admirers another way to support their work.

ISAKOV by Alexander Krziwanie

BLNFT develops and produces high-quality & non-fungible tokens in collaboration with Berlin-based artists and creatives. From premium 3D art to high-end animations as well as exclusive AR and VR content — our digital playground is an endless space for artistic experimentation. NFT´s offer countless possibilities to creators.



BLNFT is getting ready to release a selection of exclusive, Berlin-based, high-profile NFTs in close partnership with local heroes